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What is the role of third-party neutral in divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | Divorce |

Mediation can help resolve difficult interpersonal conflicts like divorce. During mediation, third-party neutrals are impartial individuals who do not take sides during mediation but assist both parties in reaching agreements.

If you are through a divorce, gaining insight into the function of neutral third parties can help you navigate the mediation process.

Facilitating communication

During heated moments, emotions can cloud judgment, making it tough to have productive conversations about important matters like property, children and finances. A third-party neutral helps create a balanced space where you and your former partner can express your concerns and needs.

By encouraging respectful dialogue and ensuring both parties have an equal say, the mediator helps you find common ground. Open communication can set the stage for agreements that work for both of you. This can also prevent issues from turning into taxing legal battles.

Protracted fights over assets and custody issues can be expensive and time-consuming. Studies show that it takes around one year to go through an average divorce. However, alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation can speed up the process and save money. A third-party neutral can help you reach an agreement in months or even weeks.

Creating fair agreements

One of the main goals of divorce mediation is to create fair agreements that cover all aspects of the separation. Third-party neutrals have valuable knowledge about the legal consequences of different decisions. They can inform you about your rights and responsibilities, helping you make informed choices that fit your situation.

Once you can agree on certain terms, the mediator helps you create a comprehensive divorce agreement. Agreements can include everything from property and debt division to support and parenting plans. Making such arrangements ensures that both parties are on the same page and reduces the chances of future disagreements.

A third-party neutral can help you and your former spouse find solutions together and reach a mutually beneficial divorce settlement.