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Face fear and find hope during divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2020 | Divorce |

If you are unhappy in your marriage, it can be difficult to summon the strength to divorce. You may experience anger, guilt and sadness about the end of your marriage as well as fear of the future. 

Explore the common fears others have as they face divorce and learn how having a good team by your side makes all the difference. 

Financial difficulties

Many people worry about making ends meet when budgeting for an independent home on a single income. If you face this concern, you may qualify for spousal maintenance in Illinois. These payments can help you transition to post-divorce living. When you request spousal maintenance, the judge will review your financial situation, work experience, expenses, length of the marriage and other factors. 

The emotional impact on children

Staying together for the kids is a common adage for a reason. In fact, having parents together in an unhappy marriage can also create emotional havoc for little ones. If you cannot save your marital relationship, focus on building a healthy coparenting relationship in which you both spend time with your children regularly. Illinois law encourages parents to create an agreement that established shared physical and legal custody. 

Losing the family home

If you fear losing the family home, you are not alone. Illinois requires divorcing couples to fairly divide marital property. Sometimes, the judge will award the home to the custodial parent, but he or she must buy out the other parent’s share of equity. In other cases, the court orders the family to sell the home and split the proceeds. If you want to stay in the home, you may want to concede other negotiation points as you create a property division agreement. 

Talking to a family law attorney can help you understand how the state law may apply to your situation.